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I understand your LOST quandry; I do.

I’ve explained and discussed the series many times with many people and loved your craigslist post and would be game for breakfast and a LOST crash course. I’ve watched the show since I caught the pilot episode and have kept up with the arcs and philosophies inherent in the storylines, but before you sit down to breakfast know this: LOST doesn’t have a neat ending. Much of the show did not tie up neatly; it wasn’t meant to. Accept that one fact and the rest of it will make a little more sense.

If you’d like to do breakfast and discuss it, I’d love to help.



Hello . . .

I worked very hard not to get into “Lost” and felt like I was missing a major part of life on Earth as a result.  Everyone I knew talked about it as part of their daily lives.  I watched a few episodes while visiting with my Lost junkie mother, and knew it was a dangerous drug.  Typically, that would make it even more critical that I begin my own addiction immediately.  But alas, my work schedule saved me from this tragic end.  Your Craig’s list post made me laugh out loud!  Made me very thankful for weird work hours. And made me want to write you and tell you that you must be a really awesome human being.  Certainly not the boring type.  I hope you find your Lost connection, and live a troubled free existance until they bring back Bob Newhart in “Dream #2”.

Good Luck!!


I believe I can help you.


I’m very happy to see that you can reach out for help. I cannot help you, but i was moved by your post and wanted to offer encouragement and praise. I never watched a single episode because I could sense there was no resolve from the beginning. After watching the Matrix, the last movie ending was just really horrible. I felt the same sense of unresolve, and I now am careful about what stories I choose to be involved in.  I hope you find someone who can offer you the feedback you need.



Hey, I have never watched Lost so I cannot apply for your free breakfast offer.  I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your message…oddly not because I can relate to it personally at all, this has never happened to me, this lost feeling with a TV series…but all the same, thank you for your efforts, I admire your desire to understand and move on, and I wish you well in your efforts.


If I lived anywhere near Asheville I would be all over this. Also, Damon just retweeted your post so good luck!


Don’t live near you, but would love to answer any of your questions about Lost. My email is


So will you fly me out from Vancouver, Canada? 😛 Congrats on Damon tweeting your ad, btw! You are not alone in your disappointment and not full understanding of the last season and other points related to the 6th season from other seasons.



To whom it may concern,

I was directed to your post on Craigslist about needing help in understanding the show, but mostly the final season, of Lost. I’m emailing you to let you know that I would be happy to meet you for breakfast one morning and go over any questions you have about the show. If you need any proof of my knowledge about the show (as I would like to see if I were reading a response to a similar request) you can check out my blog at XXXXX Throughout the final season of Lost I blogged after nearly every show, making observations and predictions about what would take place in the remaining episodes. Looking through those should show my knowledge about the series and the amount of analysis that I put into its final season.

As for timing, if you would like to meet and discuss the show, I live a slight distance away, so I wouldn’t be able to choose a place, so you’re more than welcome to pick a spot. As for what days I’d be available, my preferable days of the week would either be a Monday, Wednesday, or Sunday. If any of these work please let me know a time and place you’d like to meet. I know it must seem slightly strange for someone who doesn’t live in Asheville to respond to your request, but I enjoy talking about Lost more than just about anything else in the world, and would love to be able to help someone else better understand the show, because I feel it is grossly misunderstood by the general public. Also it’s a free breakfast and a fun story, so why not.

Just let me know!



I don’t live in Asheville, but I feel your pain about Season 6. Since Damon Lindelof re-tweeted your ad I just wanted you to know you’re not alone. I can’t get into anything else the way I was into LOST. I think I have a really good understanding of it all, but there are still parts of the final season especially that bug me. I hope you find someone to vent with….Good Luck


Dude. I would love to try and help.  I’m sure you’ve gotten many responses, including Damon Lindelof, whose probably your best bet.  I watched LOST (each episode at least twice) all within 2 months in a binge, sleepless nights and throughout each day.  I watched the first 5 seasons last year on Netflix while I was undergoing Chemotherapy (i’m 23) and I connected to the show very deeply so I know a lil what frustration you feel about this great series.

If I can help, please let me know, I wish you well on your quest and I would def. take you up on that breakfast (I live in NYC).

See you in another life, perhaps in Asheville.



I do not live in North Carolina, but I’d be more than happy to take the time to discuss the show with you over e-mail or phone.  I love nothing more than to have a good conversation about LOST


Please call me after you have this breakfast so you can explain same to me.  This will lead to a much more satisfying life for you as you will get to pass on the answer to one of the great remaining questions in life.  If by chance you are unable to find the solutions to your questions (which is most likely), feel free to speculate with me as we try to figure these things out.  (I have some half-baked theories to get started – along with a small circle of family and friends that are trying to do the same.)  Your posting was forwarded to me by one of these lost souls and it must be getting a lot of attention.


If I didn’t live in Arkansas I would so meet up and get a free breakfast from you.

The way I took the series finale is…you take it how you want. Either the plane crashed and killed them all at the beginning or the island really happened.

As to the smoke monster and loose ends I have no freakin clue. Would have to watch the whole series at once.

Good luck finding someone to explain it to you! Too bad the writers won’t hold a conference an answer everyone’s questions.


Hello Lost Fan,

I live in Charlotte not Asheville, but would be happy to explain Lost to you.  I have seen every episode of the show, some more than once.  Although it took a turn for the even more confusing and mind-bending in it’s final two seasons I feel I have a good grasp as to what did and did not happen on the show.  It is much easier looking at it from afar now that the series is over.

I don’t plan on going to Asheville, but if you are in Charlotte and need a Lost conversation let me know.  For your next TV series I highly recommend Dexter.  Best show on TV in my opinion.



Hello there!

My name is XXX and I am responding to your “breakfast offer” at:

I don’t really need breakfast or anything else in exchange, but I can try and answer a couple

of your questions regarding “Lost”, if you want. While I don’t claim to have all the answers or

even the “right” answers for every question, I can answer some of them directly and/or point

you into the right directions to find some of them by yourself.

Cheers and Namaste,

Oh, and since I live in Germany there would be no

meeting in person, just an exchange of mails. :O)


haha, I love this post. And I would gladly take you up on it, should I ever find myself in Asheville. I’m not far, I’m in Atlanta, so let me know if you’re ever this way. But I rarely get out of the city. In the meantime, please read my blog post about the final episode. I have the utmost sympathy for people who didn’t appreciate the final season, even though I loved it personally. But I do hope to sway some opinions with what I wrote. Thanks, and good luck letting go!

PS – I have recently gotten into the revamped Battlestar Gallactica, and it’s phenomenal. Not at all what I was expecting, and even some of my most anti-sci-fi friends are loving it. “Melrose Space” they call it.


Hello good sir,

My name is XXXX, and I’m the chief editor and writer of the blog XXXX I’d be happy to chat with you about LOST, though I live in Boston and would not be able to meet with you. Hope to hear back from you!



One of my friends back in North Carolina sent me your posting and I’d be more than willing to have a call with you as I feel very good in my knowledge and understanding of just about all of the series (with the exceptions of some plot points that were simply dropped such as the mark Juliet was given on her lower back by the others).

However, I am in Vermont so I’d have to talk with you over the phone.  If you’re interested, give me your number, or call XXXX and we’ll chat.


I was sent this add by my BFF, I dont live in Ashville but if you have a telephone this would be the ONE thing I would be happy to do.

What makes me the girl for the Job?

The fact that LOST was and is my life, it created my business and I have everything, evert tee and limited art there is.

What else? I just watched the entire series over again. I even know the Man In Blacks real name…

I dont joke about lost, I also dont do things for free…but Lost is a blessing to me and therefore Id share my knowledge with you.


I love your post.  I’m a big fan of the show, but I’m not in the area so I couldn’t meet for breakfast.  I live in Los Angeles California, in the sideways reality.  So, I guess I don’t really exist at all, even though at the same time I do.  <cut to black screen; the word LOST flashes by>


where are u from?


I can do it. I live in Maryland tho, I do not mind doin it over the phone


I’d gladly do a chat session with you about this. I know everything about Lost. Seriously. I don’t require any form of payment. I simply love to talk about the show that much.


I don’t live anywhere near Asheville,

But I think otherwise I’m the best person to answer your questions. I have a fairly encyclopedic knowledge of the show, which I loved overall, but do not think is perfect, and can understand exactly why someone (like yourself) might not be satisfied.

No breakfast necessary, just feel free to send me your questions, and I’ll answer them to the absolute best of my ability.


dude, just go here:



YES!!! My sister found this via Wired’s Twitter and forwarded it to me! I’m sure you’re getting MEGA MAIL about it already, but I just wanted to say that I wish I lived in Asheville so I could explain you some Lost over several cups of coffee and Moons over My Hammy. While I don’t have all the answers, I wrote a weekly mass email recapping Lost, all of it’s background info, and all of my theories. I really dug the ending actually, but I know most didn’t, and I’m ok with that. I had some baggage of my own for awhile, but I think I’ve finally unpacked. Anyway, thanks for the laugh…best Craigslist post OF all time!



Love it!  You’re being posted all over Facebook!  Thanks for the laugh.  We’re all waiting to see how your meeting goes.


First off, I’m not in Asheville. Far from it, in fact. But your quest and wit found its way to me via Facebook. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. I can’t say I feel your pain, but I can say you made me laugh out loud and put a smile on my face. Thanks. I hope you find your “Lost” series savior. I hope you gain some insight and lose your baggage. I hope the sub-plots become as clear to you as the water around the island. Most of all, I hope you get there before your coffee gets cold.

Good Luck.

PS- I’m in advertising. You’ve got a great way with words. Do you have any interest in writing or working in the creative world? Or are you already?


Hey, good luck getting an explanation. I’m still pissed about 6 years of questions and not much satisfaction.


they all died on the initial crash. think of dantes inferno. purgatory, etc.


I’m a LOST freak and understand and can explain a good 90% of it. What questions do you have?


easy to do. The island is the heart of our planet controls good,evil,life ,death, time and space. Twin brothers protect this island one is a believer in mankind and calls chosen people to it. The other is a dark soul who hates man and only wishs to leave. We follow the chosen people, from an early age, their time on the island and even after their death.


I’m not in NC but if you want to gchat I can explain it.


Interested.  A Lost fanatic.  Listened to multiple podcasts thoughout. In Asheville this week only.  You will never see me again 🙂


Hey man, I don’t live near you but if you want to email me questions I can try and help you out.


It isnt that you are stupid or dont understand.    The truth is, the series completely fell apart in the 6th season.    They spend 50% of the entire 6th season intentionally misleading us in order to make the finale seem shocking.    However, it ended with a giant fart.

The entire “flash sideways” of the 6th season took place in a purgatory like setting in the infinite future.   It had nothing to do with the show;  it was just a happy ending that ended up lasting for 9 hours straight.

Season 1-5  = one of the greatest shows ever made

Season 6 = intentionally confusing with a cheesy ending

Series as a whole =  biggest piece of shit ever put on television.    the show had no real answers, and everything they set up in the first 5 seasons was shit on in the 6th.

before the Finale = everyone discussed LOST non-stop

after the Finale = the show is forgotten

save your money on breakfast.  its not you, its the show.



I would be glad to meet you for breakfast and explain Lost to you. Or rather, what there is of it to explain. I, like you, was enthralled for 5 years then baffled for 1. I think I understand the ending, but that doesn’t mean I like it or that it ended the way I’d envisioned. And I obsessed over this show for six years to the point that in order to be friends with me, you had to watch Lost.

I can be reached at this email address.


I’m not near Ashville and I’m a night person, but I felt compelled to

reply because I went through this when Lost ended, and I’m a highly

analytical (need for intellectual closure) person. Here’s how I now

understand Lost and found closure:

– Lost is primarily a story about character development. It was never

conceived to be a plot-driven story. The “magic” and “artifacts” were

always secondary to the characters and were used largely to push/drive

characters along their character development. This is why certain

plot/magic elements don’t tie together or were not fully explained.

The “magic” was the foliage on the side of the main path. The problem

was that the “magic” helped TV ratings, so the writers felt compelled

to insert more of it along the way to dress things up.

– And the main path is Jack’s story. The series starts and ends with

Jack. Jack has daddy issues. He is always trying to control and fix

things. He bottles up his emotions to appear strong, but then the

emotions inevitable flare. He is over analytical, and has trouble

believing in fate. Throughout the series, he (and other characters to

certain extents) begin to work out their flaws. Towards the end of the

series, he is ok not being the leader and also believes in destiny and

how he is supposed to save the island.

– But like most people, Jack hasn’t finished working out his issues

even when he dies. And so, the final season flashes show him working

out his issues in the after-world. By having a “son”, he works out his

daddy issues by being in his father’s shoes. Once he has worked

through all his current life issues, he passes on with the others (who

also presumably took varying amounts of time to work out their

issues). From a character development standpoint, there is a lot of


A lot of the “magic” does tie together, but not all of it does. The

last season is very disappointing from a plot perspective, but it

makes a lot of sense from a character development perspective. I would

caution against finding closure around the plot elements, because a

lot was left unexplained and ambiguous. There are a lot of good

technical questions that arise from the plot elements, but the writers

(as the last season demonstrated) never intended to provide answers to


(And I think a lot of the really cool things were left very subtle.

For example, I’m fascinated with the idea that Jacob’s mother was BOTH

smoke monsters and guardian at the same time, and was trying very hard

to seal the smoke monster and only pass the guardianship to Jacob. The

story starts with her, because she embodied duality, but only through

Jacob and his brother’s actions do the black and white sides get split

up, which sets into motion the events that frame the main story.)

Anyway, hope that helps a little.


Hi. I saw your ad via Lostpedia on Facebook. I live in Asheville and interested in telling you whatever I know.


Love your post! I co-wrote the XXXX so I have cred 🙂 Let me know if you’d like to Skype with me and my co-author and we can help you let go 🙂


I am sure you have had plenty of responses by now but I felt in the same position as you when watching LOST, like everything didn’t fit together, it drove me mad! Now i feel that it does. I am in London, England, and I don’t mind chatting to you on skype about it?

Good Luck!


Um so just wondering did you get into my brain somehow and steal my idea? Anyway, if someone takes you up on this offer can I come too?


Have u ever read the cronicals of narnia? It ends the same way, more or less.


I soooo wish I could help you, but I still have my own questions that come up at the most inopportune time. But if I were in the Ashville area, I would certainly try to finagle my way into this breakfast! Good luck! I hope you get the answers you’re searching for!


(Louisville, KY)


As a Lost fan, I ask that you please film the selected person. It would be great to hear what is said.


You want to be voted best of craigslist don’t you?  How wonderful!  I would love to explain LOST to you however, to truly answer your questions I may need a quick recap or else my answer would possibly be met with another question, to which my only reply would be , good point, I don’t remember, didn’t they cover that?  the net thing you know this would become a discussion series with a group meeting and re-watching a show that I thought I would hate but enjoyed so much that I went back and watched it all over again with new eyes before the final season.



I’m not being an asshole but I’ve really got to ask:  Are you for real?  Not many people are into that show.  I still get made fun of because of how much I actually liked it.  I really enjoyed Lost but felt completely violated by the last season.  I’m not really a morning person and don’t really need you to buy me breakfast but if you have questions feel free to email me them.  Maybe I could help.  Although, I probably know about as much as you do.


Saw your ad on craigslist.  Is this offer still good?



Like you, I have struggled greatly with the series, feeling at a loss since the finale. I’m not going to say I didn’t like the show, because I was kind of in love with it. But I did feel a little used once it was all over. It’s still a love/hate kind of deal though. When I watched the final season my roommates wanted to watch with me, and they had never seen any episodes, it was a trying experience. I think I will have much better luck with someone who is at least familiar with the black smoke monster.

I would love to get a chance to brainstorm over breakfast. I actually have my teaching license if that makes the bid anymore enticing. I am highly trained and skilled at working with different learning styles and all ages.

At least once on the weekends I like to eat breakfast at XXXX. It is never too busy and the Greek lady treats me like royalty.

Hope to hear from you,


You don’t have to buy me breakfast but I will happily answer any questions you have about LOST that I can.  I was one of the people who loved the last season and especially the last episode.  I told my friends that my only regret was that I didn’t burn more calories sobbing my eyes out.  I have the entire series on DVD and would just need a little bit of time to review.



I think I can explain Lost to you. More than that, I can provide the consoling that you will need once you realize what a terrible thing those writers did to us.


Guessing the position has already been filled. If not, I’d love to explain it! I love LOST but like you I am not a mensa member or an idiot but managed to wrap my head around it, mostly because I’ve seen every episode a lot of times. Basically, I love to watch and discuss LOST so let me know!


Saw this on Lindelof’s website…

I live in cali but will be happy to discuss the show over the phone if you would like.

I was a die hard that watched every EP twice and read endless message board posts, listened to multiple podcasts & agonized over every detail.

Let me know…



While I can sympathize with you, as I, too, watched the entire series (not just once, but multiple times, since I own all of the DVD’s except for the last season’s)…umm, it’s been, like…a YEAR now since the show ended! Isn’t it time to move on???

That fact aside, I believe I can answer your ultimate question: Unfortunately, YES…you HAVE been “given the business” by the writers of the show. Let’s face it: They just kinda made it up as they went along, and there will never be real “answers”.




Would you consider Skype?



Your CL post was pretty awesome.  Hopefully you get someone who can help you!

Have a good one.


Did anyone take you up on your offer?

I live in Los Angeles, or I would have.

If you have questions, feel free to send them along.  I know enough LOST fanatics that perhaps we can pool answers for you.


Cheers to your wit! Makes me sorry I have never watched more than a full episode.


okay I’ll bite I was an avid watcher of every episode and didn’t particularly like the way it eneded but I did get it let me know


I’m your man. I’ve watched the show since the beginning, listened to every podcast, read every article, watched every video interview with everyone associated with the show and in addition to owning the LOST magazines, bobbleheads, posters, soundtracks and DVDs I’m considered to be the formost expert of LOST among all my friends and collegues. Any question you have I have the answer and I promise you a satisfying conversation.


One of the funniest, if not the funniest posts I have ever seen.




Hi there!

I would be pleased and privileged to talk Lost with you for an hour, but, sadly, breakfast is out as I live in beautiful Folsom, California. Unless, of course, you want to hit the Sutter Street Grill.

That said, I also find myself left in a state of free-fall after the “conclusion” of the last episode of Lost, and, while I loved most of the series, even the weak seasons, I find myself rather angry at J.J. Abrams for how he concluded his grand opus.

Good luck in your quest to find someone with whom to discuss the show! I completely sympathize with the need for real live conversation in order to garner the greatest benefit from it. Should you find that you need online discussion, feel free to shoot me an email.


I am pretty sure I am your guy. We can chat or whatever.


I just saw your ad tonight on craiglist titled “Explain LOST To Me” — and I must tell you I got a good laugh and felt your pain while reading it! I’m sure this was written tongue-in-cheek, and most of us LOST fanatics were only able to move on with our lives by being propelled forward by the sheer fury and anger that the pathetic season finale invoked in us…not the least of which happened in the last few minutes! They’re all dead? What?!? Those crazy producers Damon and Carlton said all along they weren’t dead….!

But nonetheless, I am exactly the kind of person who could probably answer any question you’ve ever had about LOST, as I was a true, diehard fanatic, watched all episodes more than 2 times (many more), own all the DVD sets, and I was a regular poster on the famous LOST-TV forum, the original forum of all the many that sprang up like mutants from 2004 to the bitter end. I posted a lot on the Theories forum, and during the infamous hiatus winter 2007-2008, while “Darlton” were trying to get the derailed season 3 back on track again, I’m pretty sure a lot of them were avidly (nay, frantically) posting on the Theories forum bouncing ideas off of us (you had to have some chops to bravely enter the realm of the Theories forum :-). Many of the theories and ideas discussed during that time period played out on the screen in the ensuing seasons.

I honestly think that the writers and producers knew exactly what they were doing with LOST — time travel along with an alternate universe — but as the final season wound to a close and the “suits” at ABC became more confused and befuddled about all the pseudo-science, they nixed any ideas of an awesome, mind-blowing ending and told Darlton to dumb it down for the masses — thus the lame “they’re all dead and finding their happy place in the church” ending. I think the network suits pressured them for this dumbing down because as the seasons went along, more and more fans jumped on board with the show who hadn’t been there since the beginning, and they were constantly “lost” about all the plotlines and characters — thus the ridiculous recap shows they felt compelled to do now and then with the little subtitled hints at the bottom of the screen to keep everyone caught up with the ever-changing story.

Finally, as a freelance book manuscript editor, I have to compliment you on your fantastic writing ability, as evidenced by your creatively written and grammatically correct ad (albeit with a few small errors, overlooked of course because you loved LOST and aren’t afraid to admit it!)

Feel free to write back and vent if you never met anyone for breakfast who answered all your questions.


i know how you feel 😦

i would love to rant about this publicly sometime 😦


I won’t bother explaining to you how that someone in Atlanta, GA (me) came to read your posting on CL…..in and of itself, it really isn’t important.  But I did read your posting on CL…..

I can’t offer you any insight into what it is that you seek…..

However, I can make the following recommendations.

1).  You might consider putting what ever analytical skills that you may have to better use instead of wondering about a “made for TV series” that has no real world relavance and simply does not matter.

2).  You might consider getting some friends………

3).  And finally, maybe you would want to consider turning off your TV and pursuing things that have long term and personally gratifying rewards.

And if all else fails, consider renting the episode of Giligans Island, The Rescue………….. you hardly have to think at all while watching that.

I mean……….. you know………..I’m just saying…………………….



Hi there,

My name is XXXX. I saw your post via a link on Lostipedia.org when it first popped up, and here it is the 1st of March and I’m still thinking about it and curious.

I don’t live in Asheville, but Portland OR.  However, I was just curious if you had been able to find anyone to help you with life after Lost, ans what questions do you have still smoldering after “The End?”

I’m curious, but also, maybe I can help?

Take care,



6 thoughts on “Explain Lost To Me

  1. Don’t listen to the people who say everyone died in the plane crash and the island was just purgatory. That’s what the Man in Black wants them to think. If they paid attention to the last episode, they would notice that Jack’s father clearly states that everyone died at a different time, some many years later than the others.

    • Yes, this bothers me so much! Not to mention that if they had all died in the plane crash, they never would have met each other!

    • EXACTLY. The number of people who don’t get that fact truly astounds me. If you don’t have the attention span to pick up on that I don’t know how you even made it to the final season of the show. Goodness me.

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