Members Only Drink Night

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hello i also have jackets i like to wear while drinking outside my house. I am good at walking, cutting hair and looking at things. hope you are well, and this note meets you at the best of times.  chow mein, i love you

Good Afternoon,

To start off the e-mail conversing.  My name is Angie.  I am a Honorary seasoned veteran when it comes to the Members Only jackets.  As for I was fortunate to be living during that time when every man sported a Members Only jacket.  Those were the days.  Then came the jogging outfits.

I would be Honored to join you and live out your quest but, we have to make sure that the colors and sizes are appropriate.  I would wear a miniskirt and high heels.  I have long dark hair and eyes.  Short and sexy.  Also pretty to look at.

If you are interested lets get together and do this.