Free PS2 Games

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for sale/ wanted > free stuff

  • I know spelling and grammar are atrocious on this one.
  • About 15 replies, accidentally deleted some, others after jump.
  • Gave games away to a kid who saved up for his own PS2!

That was good enough to make me laugh my ass off out loud at work! Thank you for that! On behalf of my 7 year old boy I will gladly take these games off your hands if you don’t have other takers. He just saved up and bought his very own used ps 2 off our very own craigs list and is loving it- in moderation of course.

Enjoy your football my friend, I would normally be right there with ya but I’m heading out with tha wife on a long overdue venture to an Allmans/Widepsread show in Charlotte– back to reality Monday myself


hey i’m not emailing about the games just thought i would let you know that i flagged your ad for the best on craig’s list it was very funny thanks for the laugh.====================

Just wanted to say that your craigslist post about the ps2 games was fucking amazing !!! You Rock lol anyway ttyl PEACE!!!


i dont want anything, i just wanted to tell you what you already know: you are awesome. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



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