Free Breakfast Simplifier

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for sale/ wanted > free stuff

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  • Toaster thrown away.

Hi, don’t want your toaster (sorry) but had to say I loved your ad.  The sarcasm is perfect.


Omg ! Lmao ! Thanks for laugh !


Why would you waste space and time throw it away retard


Thanks for your posting….it gave me a pure chuckle of recognition!


That’s a great add. Thanks for the laugh


hey so

..about that toaster.


OMG!!  do you still have this?  I’ve been looking for one just like it!

LOL  Loved your posting!


How about pic of the toaster

High end? Repairable? Original cost? Appearance?

Many thanks, XXXX


Thanks for the morning laugh!!!!


Junk throw it out


lololol you had me laughing so hard when I read your post about the free

toaster, I mean ‘burner’! I keep away from toasters/burners because they

take up too much time to clean. But your sarcasm was right on time 😀

Have a great week!



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