Stuff My Cat (Needed: Creative Taxidermy)

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jobs > et cetera jobs

  • 7 Replies, after the jump (Make sure to check out the screenshot).
  • Dewley is enjoying his 8th life and will not undergo taxidermy.

That’s awesome! Yes, it is possible! Treat your cat like royalty, preserve his fine coat and beautiful eyes forever. Taxidermy!


Can’t help you….but your ad was a welcome break from a depressing job hunt.


Just wanted to say I saw your post yesterday and put it on my FB page to share with some cat-loving friends. I was sad (and surprised) to see that Craigslist pulled it. I mean, the posts in the personals section are fine but you can’t look for creative taxidermy? Anyway, glad to see you were able to repost (I check the jobs section pretty regularly looking for work leads) and I hope that are able to find someone to commemorate mr DWJ 🙂



Check out XXXX


I did email you and be a normal unlazy person and call around to places and stop trying to get people to come to you.


Really you have to be kidding. You must live in a home by ur self all alone and surrounded with nothing but cats. Stop posting this XXXX and call around and ask people who stuff animals I mean your doing nothing but wasting peoples time by writing the stupid add over and over. And I will keep deleting this until you stop


Editor’s note: Merci Beaucoup for this gem.

3 thoughts on “Stuff My Cat (Needed: Creative Taxidermy)

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  3. i literally found your cat holder downer ad on best of craigslist then
    for totally not creepy reason i found this blog
    i pray to god you are a man
    then i can want to marry you

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