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You are a XXXXing loser!!!!!

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how much will you pay for the bracket? Nothing is free. Money would need to be wired from Western Union.


This is a link to my ESPN bracket. I am no professional But I love college basketball. I have been out of work the last 6 weeks and I have spent a lot of time watching College Basketball and following the teams that a good. The thing is that a lot of the 8, 9, 13, and 16 seeds are teams from smaller schools who are in the tourney because they won there division. These teams are good teams with good records but it is hard to know exactly how they will all match up against teams from larger divisions like the big east and big ten. Teams like xaiver may be good or may suck when compaired to teams from the Big East. History shows that number 1 seeds go the farthest and usually it will be at least 3 #1 seeds in the final 4. Big east teams had the hardest schedule in conference and those teams should do well. UCONN is a big gamble for me because they won the big east tourney and looked good but they played 5 games in 5 days and may be worn down for the tourney. anyway these are my picks but when it comes to the big dance there are always upsets. I picked the teams that “should win.”


i think texas might get beat in the first round by oakland also belomont has a good chance to pull off a early upset



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