Desperately Seeking Sit Ups

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for sale/wanted > items wanted

  • 8 replies, after the jump (make sure to check out the screen shot).
  • Still using the coffee table to hold my feet for sit ups.
  • Thank you for the Tony Little updates.

me I have


have you found you a sit up bench yeat i have a nice one


Make your own, 2×8, or 10, set one end on 6×6,8×8 or
however high you want, sit on a pillow and go to it.
Slide it under the bed, couch…. or put in a closet closet


hysterical. All I have are an Ab-Lounger and Ad-Doer, which though not real hyperbole (like the ab-contractomaticerizer) they are not what you are looking,  but your ad was so funny I had to write. If I get a plain board with foot holders or something for situps i will let you know the financial demands.


PS: I think the rumor of tony little’s demise might be slightly exagerated (probably to jack up the price/value of his pony tail in a QVC auction or something).



Recycle center, s. Industrial always has them-cheap.


Hi- saw your ad on Craigslist. Sorry to say Tony Little did die. I
heard the news from my grandmother who lives in St. Pete. Seems he
owned a house and a small gym down there. She was an admirer of his so
it was definitely a shock. From what I heard he was scaling an indoor
rock wall at about 25 feet, fell off, and landed awkwardly on one of
his Gazelle machines. They say he would’ve survived the fall but that
Gazelle machine ripped his spleen in half. Sorry to hear, Mr. Little
was a small man with a big heart.


I saw your ad the other day because I usually have a lot of weight lifting equipment for sale, but I do not happen to have an ab bench at this time. Anyway I saw this ad posted in the sporting section and thought you may be interested in it


Good luck finding a bench, if you have not already. If you are looking for anything else let me know. I find a lot of good deals online or buy going to gym auctions and I am always willing to help someone out.

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