Free: White Knuckle Thrill Ride

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for sale/wanted > free

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  • I’ve actually done this before; it’s somewhere between the worst and best experience of my life.

dude,…just take the camera ride,…..i finally gave in 2 yrs ago and they pulled out a 2cm (not mm) polyp before it turned into anything worse or bigger….

just sayin.


That is hilarious, thanks so much for making me laugh.


I love you. Please tell me you write something somewhere daily….


Please call ;XXXXXXX


not sure, but isn’t it illegal to share meds??


I desperately need one litre of laxative. Would you be willing to parcel it out, or is this an all-or-nothing deal? Please hurry– my husband’s being a real dick.

If you aren’t willing to divide up the gallon, I might be able to get some of my neighbors to go in on it with me. We are having a big party this weekend.

Kindest regards,

Fingers Crossed in XXXX


Thanks for the chuckle.


I have no idea if you are serious but I hear that they are pretty phenomenal way to lose weight.  Been meaning to try out a colonic irrigation for about a year now. I’ll take em if they are still available. Great ad by the way. thanks!


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