Ride/Lodging For Bonnaroo

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jobs > et cetera jobs

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yo, i’ve a camper, if ya can pay for ma ticket lol, what’re ya tryin to do?..


haa, i dont know if youve been to bonnarro before, but everything youve described in your post is what you’ll get..  its what its about… hmmm… eminem lil wayne with widespread panic.   sts9  with big boi…..   the promoters must really care about you.    im also seeking refuge from overpopulation… by going to a real fest.   You could skip just bonnaroo and go to 10 true family festies, for the same $ and you’d meet all the cool true people you want, not drunks and assholes and all the rest you get when people have told everyone they know for 10 years and what you get when a promoter has no shame or limits.   bonarro is the number one example of what youre trying to get away from… 


Are you still looking for a ride to the roo?




were are coming from ?


what a strange post you put on craigslist. it made me laugh. still didnt understand what you were trying to get at. good luck though. =]