Wanted: Amateur Stuntman

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  • Surprised so many people are willing to do this.
  • Glad so many other people are upset by the negligence of this proposal.

I will do it asap   im a adrenaline fed twenty four yr old


Funny…and you’ll probably get someone who says yes.


Do you realize many stuntmen have died in fire stunts? It’s extremely dangerous, you will need firemen, and paramedic on site. Also, while ablaze, a stuntman has to have his eyes closed… Good luck finding someone who is willing to jump 4 stories with eyes closed and ablaze… A stunt person would expect to be paid thousands of dollars for this, so I highly doubt you will find someone willing to do this for food… And if you do, expect a lawsuit when they get hurt.


1) Get two dummies- one you can mount on a low furniture dolly so you can make it “run”, and another for the fall.

2) Set your shotlist for close-ups of the actor you can intercut with the dummy.

3) Make it all happen on the editing table.

You have no money which means no safety insurance in case things go wrong. And since you are dealing with high falls and fire, at the least you should have someone on site to deal with accidents. If you plan your shots right, the steps above are your best solution.

If you don’t do any of that, then best of luck, and I hope nobody gets hurt, and you don’t get sued.


Okay, I don’t do stunts.  I do special effects, costumes, illusions.  I can make a realistic look-alike dummy for your actor and help you figure out exactly what you need to do to make it go where you need it to.  Let me know if you don’t find a stunt-man and I can help with the rest.  It’ll reduce your liability, too.  No matter how many papers a person signs, there is only so much damage the law will protect you for.  A judge can override your contract.

Have fun!


So I’m a pro stuntman, done all of that stuff before.  If safety is right, I’ll do it.  I’ve got the knowhow to do it for pretty cheap too


My friend XXXX has been hit by two cars a train and has fallen off a building hes real extreme lol I think hed be a perfect fit for this call him at XXXXXXX


You guys, don’t be insulting. At least scrounge up a couple hundred dollars for my fellow actors. C’mon, they’re going to be risking their lives. Good luck finding someone to do this for a sandwich. I’m sorry but, absolutely insulting.



nuthins free-stick ur sub-this is a JOBS posting for $ cheapskate


Are you guys serious a 6inch sub and you dont even know how to set a guy on fire properly! Fine Il do it for a 6 inch be nice to have a footlong though if your gona thruogh me off a building then run me over you better have a very large assortment of domestic beers cold! give me a call at XXXXXXX and leave a message. Thank you and my names XXXX by the way


I’m not an amateur stuntman nor am I interested in becoming one. But I would like to see this in action, in exchange I can help out with general stuff. I can lift heavy objects and put them down.


I seriously hope you are kidding with this advertisement.  As a industry professional I am both shocked and appalled, and even amazed that you would even have the balls to post something like this.  What safety measures do you have in place to pull off these stunts?  Also do you have the proper permitting, you cant just light people on fire and run them over with cars.  Holy crap.  Wow.  Really?


Stunt woman!

Ohhh boy, this it soo in my alley! I would love to be set on fire by a bunch of amatures, you gotta learn some how right! I have fallen from a 3 apartment building, does that count? Hold on let me jump out of a 4 story building and see if I’m alright and if I “got what it takes” (i really want to work with u guys, I tink we all have thomthing in common :D). I’ll email u again when I’m done! Thank you!!!


Don’t play with fire. Its a recipe for disaster.


I am down.

I have been hit by a car fallen from a building and am looking forward to being set on fire. I am guessing you have the necessary equipment to do this shit safely. Hit me up @ XXXXXXX after Monday. (gotta replace my phone after it did some stunts) My friend and I are both into film making and I would love to see another perspective. My computer has some whack virus and I cannot access my email. Look forward to your response.



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