Friday Fail

Gonna try out a new Friday feature. This isn’t good bye to the beloved Reverse  Random  Friday; it’s more of a see ya later.

Friday Fail: Almost every day I drive by a house that still has an absurd amount of Christmas decorations up. I tried my hand at an ad based on this situation:

for sale/wanted > free stuff

  • No one realized this was a joke.
  • There are way too many people looking to score Christmas decorations in May.
  • This posting has been deleted by its author.

So I tried to take the same concept and use a bit more hyperbole.

for sale/items wanted > free stuff

  • Art, trash…if it’s free people want it.
  • This posting has been deleted by its author.
  • Some of the unfunny, mundane responses after the jump.


My husband would love these. Thank you.


still availbe call XXX XXXX


We need these for next year; are they taken?

Where is this i can be there this afternoon


my partner and i are new to art collecting but would like to look at this piece, where downtown are you?


don’t throw the art away, i know a school could use it


i know art collectors and will see if they want this. Can we check it out tomorrow over lunch?