We Are Back*

*However, posting at a clip of three times a week is becoming quite difficult to sustain. I don’t want the creativity of the ads to suffer and I want to make sure they have sufficient time to get responses. Also, I cannot tell you how difficult it is to keep the type of ads I’m posting up for more than half an hour. Meaning, it’s a full time job just keeping track of what’s live and what’s been flagged, reposting said ads, etc.  For every one of you who has a sense of humor there are at least ten people who seem to think flagging the Wanted: Henchmen ad will aid their job search. The plan is that each week will have at least one new ad along with some sort of Friday feature that may continue to rotate perpetually. Also, Your Best Of Craigslist will be updating at least three times a week; you can send submissions for that site to onearmedwampa@gmail.com.


H.D. Wimbledon, Esq.