A Farewell To MLOCL

Friends, readers, Craigslisters; lend me your ears:

The writing has been on the wall, “Mene, mene, tekel upharsin”; and it does not lie, MLOCL’s days have been counted & numbered. The procrastination of a formal announcement has been an aggregate of aggravating literary agents, a slight suspension of belief & an unwillingness to officially let go of my first true writing love.

It was amazing to see this work, in such a short period of time, get mentioned by the Huffington Post, USA Today & even by Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof. Alas, even with such gravitas behind MLOCL I could not tap into our culture’s zeitgeist, keep up the momentum or capture the imagination of a book publisher. For a couple of dizzying weeks, during which an acute case of hubris set in, I believed I was going to get published. Now, having suffered through the depression of an Oedipus-sized hangover, I realize that is not the case. And yes, being paid to write is my end game; I currently get paid a modicum of money to absorb a tremendous amount of tripe.

Other truths have come to light as well: I don’t have the passion for this project I used to; for some time I saw all events in life as a potential CL ad; and using CL has become a perpetual pain due to new security measures.

I have just started writing a new multi-media project and hope to have something tangible in four to five months.

Thank you all for reading and checking out the blog from time to time. I’ve posted two new ads below.


Hayes Danger Wimbledon

Wanted: Tontine Members

Click on CL ad to embiggen:

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