A Farewell To MLOCL

Friends, readers, Craigslisters; lend me your ears:

The writing has been on the wall, “Mene, mene, tekel upharsin”; and it does not lie, MLOCL’s days have been counted & numbered. The procrastination of a formal announcement has been an aggregate of aggravating literary agents, a slight suspension of belief & an unwillingness to officially let go of my first true writing love.

It was amazing to see this work, in such a short period of time, get mentioned by the Huffington Post, USA Today & even by Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof. Alas, even with such gravitas behind MLOCL I could not tap into our culture’s zeitgeist, keep up the momentum or capture the imagination of a book publisher. For a couple of dizzying weeks, during which an acute case of hubris set in, I believed I was going to get published. Now, having suffered through the depression of an Oedipus-sized hangover, I realize that is not the case. And yes, being paid to write is my end game; I currently get paid a modicum of money to absorb a tremendous amount of tripe.

Other truths have come to light as well: I don’t have the passion for this project I used to; for some time I saw all events in life as a potential CL ad; and using CL has become a perpetual pain due to new security measures.

I have just started writing a new multi-media project and hope to have something tangible in four to five months.

Thank you all for reading and checking out the blog from time to time. I’ve posted two new ads below.


Hayes Danger Wimbledon

Friday Fun: How Did You Get Here?

Google: Bringing people to My Life On Craigslist: The Blog regardless of what they are searching for (3 people or less used the same keywords edition). Here are some examples:

  • the white knuckles blog
  • free travel trailors on craiglist where i can come pick up
  • that post of yours on craig’s list caught my eye… im rather new to this whole craigslist
  • craigslist rapture for the win
  • ride my husbands XXXX
  • hello as you go, thank you very much for your message of truth makes me very happy if
  • fee proon

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We Are Back*

*However, posting at a clip of three times a week is becoming quite difficult to sustain. I don’t want the creativity of the ads to suffer and I want to make sure they have sufficient time to get responses. Also, I cannot tell you how difficult it is to keep the type of ads I’m posting up for more than half an hour. Meaning, it’s a full time job just keeping track of what’s live and what’s been flagged, reposting said ads, etc.  For every one of you who has a sense of humor there are at least ten people who seem to think flagging the Wanted: Henchmen ad will aid their job search. The plan is that each week will have at least one new ad along with some sort of Friday feature that may continue to rotate perpetually. Also, Your Best Of Craigslist will be updating at least three times a week; you can send submissions for that site to onearmedwampa@gmail.com.


H.D. Wimbledon, Esq.

Welcome Huffington Post Readers!

Contest over.

UPDATED WITH CONTEST: Win the original Terminator To-Do List artwork (printed on authentic old skool computer paper). Simply Like My Life On Craigslist and you will be entered. Winner will be notified Monday (5/2).

Thank you very much for dropping by. Please, make yourselves at home and take a look around. Feel free to bookmark, like, give feedback & let me know what you think of this blogject. Here are some of my favorite posts: Explain Lost To Me,  Wanted: Terminator, Stuff My Cat & We Almost Hit It Off. Of course, if you ask me, they’re all classics. Thank you again for your time; please come back soon.

Random Contest Day

Contest Over.

Or, how I forgot to have material ready for Random Response Friday. Win a Kidrobot Groundskeeper Willie; just email Dewley at onearmedwampa@gmail.com (he’s a huge Empire fan). Since this is last minute we don’t know what we’re looking for in a winning email; but we’ll know it when we see it. Back on Monday.

Welcome Pop Candy Community!

Welcome Pop Candy community!  Thank you for checking out the blog; please take a look around, you’ll find other pop culture based CL posts.  I post Monday, Wednesday and  Friday each week.  Let me know what you think; and please come back when you need some entertainment.  And, of course, thank you Whitney!