Reverse Random Response Friday

Editor’s note: If anyone wants to make a list of the grammatical casualties in the ad below it might make for a fun Friday exercise.

NOT my ad. 

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My response, click on email to embiggen:

  • I did not get an appointment with Edith.
  • It is hard finding work on CL.

Free: Social Distortion Ticket

Editor’s note: This CL ad is from back in November and I did not save the replies as I did not have this blogject going at the time. However, this is one of the ads, along with this one, that got me thinking about how CL ads elicit responses that can be quite entertaining. So, this post is like a prequel to the blog; also, I’ve got ads in the hopper but nothing is ripe yet. Still got a CL jones? You can always check out our sister site.


H.D. Wimbledon, Esq.

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for sale/wanted > tickets – by owner

  • Gave ticket away to a really cool guy.
  • Social D rocked my face off.